5 Holiday Cookie Decorating Ideas


5 Holiday Cookie Decorating Ideas

1. Dip half a cookie into melted chocolate, decorate with sprinkles and let dry. Experiment with bright colors instead of the traditional holiday palette.

2. Create flowers using almond slices as petals and gummy candy or icing for the centers. Be sure to lay down your base of icing first to hold your flowers in place.

3. Make snowflakes by using blue tubed icing to outline and fill base layer. Use tubed icing or gel to draw a snowflake pattern, add white sprinkles near center, and top with bead candy.

4. Decorate with fondant. Use the same cookie cutters to cut matching shapes for each cookie. Cut out smaller shapes to layer on top or use icing to draw designs.

5. Less is more! Keep it simple and elegant by using a fine-mesh strainer to dust powdered sugar over cookies while still warm.