Kick Off the New Year the Healthy Way


Kick Off the New Year the Healthy Way
The start of a new year is always a popular time to set common resolutions such as losing weight. However, making a resolution to lead an overall healthy lifestyle is much more beneficial, and there are so many creative ways to do it!

A great place to start getting healthy is in the kitchen. Below we share some of our suggestions for incorporating healthful ingredients into your diet. Ask your local grocery store associates to lead you to these fantastic foods as you begin your new health-inspired cooking adventure.

Diversify your oil and flour.

For example, try coconut variations. Cooking with coconut oil is a healthier alternative to frying, as it phases out trans fats and works great as a butter substitution in foods such as piecrust, scones and icings. Coconut flour is a healthy way to add decadence to baked goods like cookies and cakes. It’s also high in fiber, gluten-free and low-carb, making it perfect for special diets like diabetic-friendly or Paleo.

Cook with healthy fats.

Ah, “healthy fats.” It’s not just an oxymoron! These actually do exist. An average avocado contains 30 grams of fat, but it’s mostly monounsaturated or “good fat.” This type of fat has been found to actually lower cholesterol levels, so start swapping out your mayo topping for a few slices of avocado. Other “healthy fats” include those found in nuts and seeds as well as fatty fish like salmon, tuna, trout and mackerel.

Pack a punch with lean protein.

When most people think of lean protein, boneless, skinless chicken breast might come to mind, but there are so many more options! Fish is an excellent source of protein, as are eggs, low-fat dairy products like yogurt, beans and legumes as well as nuts and seeds. All of these high-protein foods make you feel fuller longer, causing you to eat less.