Leftover Recipe Ideas


Leftover Recipe Ideas
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Thanksgiving leftovers are inevitable. We try to share as much food as we can, but in the end there is often just too much left over. Don’t be overwhelmed with the remainders; get creative instead. Here are a few suggestions:

mashed potatoes

> Golden pan-fried patties with chopped onion, egg and parsley
> Creamy soup with leeks, bacon bits and butter

sweet potatoes

> Wrap in corn tortillas with shredded turkey and jalapeños
> Make mini-croquettes coated in cornmeal and pan fry

cranberry sauce

> Stir into applesauce or gelatin molds
> Use instead of jelly to top toast, bagels or muffins

rolls and breads

> Broil or toast with butter, chopped garlic and Parmesan cheese for quick garlic bread
> Make French toast for breakfast and serve with a dollop of cranberry sauce


> Create a Waldorf turkey salad with grapes, apples, celery and mayo
> Cube and toss with cooked, buttered pasta and peas, then top with Parmesan and black pepper