Be a Fit Kid: Part 2


Tips for being active every day

1. Ride a bike
Grab your helmet and safety gear and go for a bike ride. Ride your bike to school or grab your friends and enjoy a ride in the neighborhoods.

2. Dive Right In!
Go to your local indoor or outdoor pool and swim. Swim laps, play water games with friends, or have diving contests for fun.

3. Get Paid to be Fit
Earn extra cash by mowing lawns, washing cars, shoveling snow, or walking dogs for your family or for your neighbors. Listen to music while you work to keep you going.

4. Try Skating or Skateboarding
Grab your friends and go to a local park or indoor skating rink! It’s easy to learn and a great way to be active while still having fun! Remember to wear your helmet and safety pads.

5. Plant A Garden
Plant and grow flowers, fruits, and vegetables with your family, or even with your friends! Creating a garden is tough work and a good way to keep fit. Be sure to check on your plants and water them every day!