Eating Together


Family meals aren’t just for holidays. Research proves that pleasant table talk while passing plates builds stronger relationships and brings families closer together.

Taking time to plan and prepare meals guarantees a more nutritious diet for everyone at the table. In some homes, every family member takes part in the planning, preparation and serving, so each person has a stake in the meal´s success.

Here are some ideas to encourage every person to play a part:

> Choose themes for some meals, such as Meatless Monday, Festival of Italy or Taco Night.

> Consult recipes, make a list of needed ingredients, and appoint a designated shopper.

> Encourage young children to design placemats or menus for the table.

> Rotate responsibility for introducing interesting topics over dinner.

> Take turns clearing the table and cleaning up after the meal.

Everyone benefits from family meals. Children of all ages – and even adults – appreciate focused attention and time spent together. Where better to find that than around the family dinner table?