Healthy Kid Breakfast Ideas


Healthy Kid Breakfast Ideas

Packed with fiber, protein and slow-burning carbohydrates, these healthy breakfast ideas will help kids stay alert and engaged throughout the day.

Breakfast Parfait

A little low-fat dairy and some vitamin-rich fruit and you’ve just started your day right, nutritionally speaking.

Breakfast Taco

A smaller cousin of the breakfast burrito, the breakfast taco made with Cheddar, salsa and scrambled eggs is a satisfying and healthy breakfast option.

Bagel and Cream Cheese with Veggies

Liven up a boring breakfast by creating faces out of healthy ingredients. Chop up an assortment of vegetables and let the kids make funny faces on a toasted bagel spread with cream cheese.

Citrus Berry Smoothie

A smoothie is a meal-in-a-glass. Make one with fresh berries and orange juice for a breakfast loaded with healthy carbohydrates and powerful antioxidants.

Bagel Gone Bananas

A grab-and-go breakfast: a toasted bagel topped with nut butter and banana slices. It is ready in just five minutes and easy to eat on the run.