Top 8 Healthy Living Apps


When it comes to managing your diet and exercise program you may need encouragement to stay on track. With mobile apps, keeping yourself and your health goals in line has never been easier. Here is a list of some of our favorites:

> BMI Calculator
This app helps you calculate your ideal Body Mass Index (BMI), which is based on your age, gender and weight. You want to start here, so you can set realistic health expectations for yourself.

> My Fitness Pal
An easy-to-use app that tracks calories, nutritional information and has a barcode scanner. With a customizable list of exercises this app will allow you to see how many calories are burned, so you can keep track of your progress.

> GymPact
Stay motivated by keeping a pact with this online community. If you keep up with your goals, you can earn some money; if not, then you owe money.

> Lose It!
Get the motivation you need from your friends. This app lets you log your food intake and provides a breakdown of your daily nutrients. Share your stats with friends and social networks for ongoing support.

> Noom Weight Loss Coach
A personalized and interactive diet plan that goes where you do! This app provides daily tasks for you to complete, as well as activities and games to keep you engaged while creating lasting lifestyle changes.

> 7 Minute Workout
Designed for those who have a limited amount of time available to hit the gym, 7 Minute Workout will give you an intense workout guaranteed to get your heart rate accelerated.

> Fitness Buddy
With over 1700 exercises made available on the app, you can create your own customized workout, keep track of your progress, and see how much your body is changing.

> DailyBurn
If you are not a huge fan of cardio and strength training, then the DailyBurn may be exactly what you’re looking for. This app houses a collection of workout videos such as yoga, kickboxing, core, mobility, metabolic conditioning and stretching. Attend a fitness class on your own time with the DailyBurn app.