Earth Day Activities


What started out as a 1970s grassroots movement to generate awareness of Mother Earth has turned into an annual occurrence. Each April 22nd people all over the world celebrate Earth Day. This event has brought environmental issues to everyone’s attention, and suggestions for people of all ages to implement change.

You can start on a personal level by just remembering the three R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle. The less we use, the more we reuse, and the more that we can recycle have a tremendous impact on the air we breathe. If you wish to get further involved, check with your local area for existing programs. Many towns have “green” areas or land dedicated to community gardening, tree replanting, etc.

Start today by:
> Calculating your carbon footprint
> Walk or ride a bike instead of the car or subway
> Arrange a carpool
> Take a walk
> Start a garden
> Plant a tree
> Begin a compost area
> Install energy efficient bulbs in your home