The Wonders of Winter Squash


The Wonders of Winter Squash
> Acorn

Bake this mild, sweet variety with brown sugar, honey and butter or maple syrup – delicious!

> Spaghetti

True to its name, this mild-tasting specimen turns into spaghetti-like strands when cooked.

> Buttercup

This nutty, sweet variety is good baked with butter and sugar, and also in pies.

> Butternut

Mild-tasting and a little less sweet than acorn, butternut squash holds its shape well after it’s cooked, so it’s great diced or sliced in recipes.

> Delicata

This sweet, creamy variety is good baked or steamed — you can even eat the skin.

> Turban

Nutty in flavor and firm in texture, turban squash is best used whole as a squash soup tureen.